As the novel coronavirus sweeps the world there are billions of people who need to social distance, however, many have no alternative but to be around others to conduct necessary tasks like grocery shopping or perform essential work like medical professionals or food-industry workers. As the vaccine becomes widely available, we will return to work, school, and socialize like we used to.

Social- distancing guidance will change and become confusing. As the vaccine becomes more available, two groups of people will emerge: First, those who remain at risk of infection, have not received the vaccine because of choice or availability, will need to remind others to keep their distance. Second, those who have tested positive for the antibodies will, likely, decide to socialize normally again.

But how can anyone tell what everybody wants?

The C19 I.D. Project seeks to create a language that reminds others to keep their distance or that you are ready to re-socialize with others who feel the same way.

The Red COVI.D. simply reminds others that you are physically distancing.

The Green COVI.D. should announce that you have been vaccinated and have made the decision to socialize normally.

The COVID-19 ID Project’s mission is to reduce anxiety as the world emerges from the pandemic. Fear that helped 'flatten the curve' will remain longer than necessary unless we have the ability to clearly and honestly communicate our C19 status. COVI.D. is an easy way to silently indicate you are either socially distancing or you are ready to re-socialize, which will help humanity recover and move forward so we can all start to feel more normal again.

Helping Our Heroes
100% of profits are donated to first responder charities.